Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sara and Matt's shower

Since the newest member of the Nikiverse (fTM Matt's baby boy) is due in 5 days i should probably post the baby shower pictures from June. It was a surprise shower thrown by Matt's sister-types (1 sister, 2 step-sisters and 1 eventual sister-in-law).
ready and waiting for the parents-to-be

Sara had been told it was a surprise 60th birthday party for Matt's step-mom so she was really, really surprised. This pic is blurry, but i had to include it because it makes me laugh that the poor girl arrived at her own party carrying strawberry-lemonade cupcakes and a strawberry birthday cake.

As with all showers there was food and family and fun that is pretty much self explanatory so let's go right to the pictures:

Steps Noelle and Erika help put out the food with Linnea, including the amazing Kit-Kat wrapped cake with marshmallow flower topping, Banana Split trifle and chocolate covered strawberries; siblings, grandparents, aunts, cousins, parents and the one random Niki dug into the grub with seating in the kitchen, living room and back porch.
Present time!
Sara in the hot seat

Matt's niece Hailey helped out

baby cloths made by the grandma-to-be, Sara's mom

Pop's lovely lady, Emily made this earflap hat

it was fun to have guys at the shower; Matt seemed to enjoy his diaper cake

I love seeing a bunch of generations together celebrating their connections to each other

and am honored to be included and treated like a member of the family.
Good luck and congratulations to Sara and Matt!
he's so proud that he managed to pull off the surprise

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