Saturday, May 30, 2009

denuding the van

When we got a new van for work we had to get rid of one of the old ones. The decision was made to sell it cheap, cheap, cheap and team member Amy snapped it up to haul band equipment. The only catch was that she had to get the graphics off of it so that it could no longer be identified with my program in case she cut people off in traffic or staged a vicious drive-by. I was ecstatic to rip away at the full-body plastic wrap. It wasn't that i don't like the graphics; to the contrary, i wish we had the money to wrap our new van. No, the problem is that we've kept the vans waaaaaay past the lifetime of the graphics and over time they've become shabby in places. The piece i am pulling in the above picture has been starting to peel for almost a year, frankly driving me nuts every single day. It felt oh so good to yank it off and throw it away. Amy found that using a heat gun very carefully helped expedite the process. But still it was some slow, slow going. One thing i am NOT going to miss about the van wrap is having the side windows covered with graphics. You can't check your blind spot (don't worry, we use convex mirrors for safety; we aren't a driving hazard to you) and if you are sitting in the backseat you can't see a thing except dots. Bye-bye dreaded dots!

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Ron said...

You do know that my Niece paints art, design, and logo's on vehicals? Or maybe you don't. THe Paint NEVER fades peels or comes off. It becomes part of the original paint. sorta. We MSC be interested? Or do you care at this point?