Saturday, May 2, 2009

don't aquire furniture while angry

Once a year my neighborhood association has a neighborhood cleanup where they rent a big mulcher for yard waste and several dumpsters. There is also a Trash to Treasure area where people leave still working items and anyone can take them; conveniently this freecycling area is about four houses away from me so every year i can check it easily and grab the good stuff.
Cleanup Day was last Saturday.
Last Saturday i was in a snit.
You might recall that i'd had a little run-in with the library internet connection.
I was livid.
 I was unhappy.
I wasn't thinking straight.
This was my frame of mind as i passed the Trash to Treasure area on my way home: Stupid technology. Stupid library. Stupid Internet. Waste of my time. Where did that post GO? Where am i going to find another free internet location? Stupid technology. I can't believe i got up early for this.
 Hey! Is that a dresser? I don't need a dresser. But i do need storage. Are those orange flowers? I hate orange. But it's free. I'll just take a look.
Famous last words.
It was indeed a 70s floral dresser that in a moment of confusion i decided i wanted, nay, needed.
 It was way too big to carry home so some helpful volunteers loaded it into my car.

It didn't fit too well so we couldn't even tie down my trunk, but i only had to go half a block; which i did very, very carefully.
It took me ten minutes to manhandle the monstrosity up the four back steps into my sunroom with other previous "finds."
Putting the drawers back in I made several discoveries,
like this shelf paper lining the top drawer.
CRIPES! My retinas!
Why was this ever the height of fashion?
Was it because everyone was ON mushrooms in the 70s?
 (and why, oh why, is it back in fashion now? did we learn nothing?)
Then there were these wooden pieces that were obviously supposed to attach somewhere.
I finally realized they were rails for the top.
Could this uglinesshave once been a changing table?
Who would do that to an innocent, impressionable baby?
 The 70s were messed up, people.
And behind drawer number three i found a helpful guide to hanging wallpaper.
The whole experience was unreal.
  Except for the part where this
now lives in my sunroom.
What the heck was i thinking?


Francie the "wise" said...

I kind of like it.

Niki said...

You can have it if you can figure out how to get it to Europe.