Monday, May 18, 2009

Quite a birthday week

Phew... i'm back and frankly exhausted. During my birthday week i only worked 3 days; the rest of the time was spent celebrating. I went to 4 celebration dinners - thanks to Ron, Rickki and Stacey. I went to the movies - Wolverine was a disappointment, but i saw Star Trek 3 times cause i loved it. And the big, big present was that Rickki flew in on Thursday and we went away to a scrapbooking retreat for the weekend (pictures to follow). It was a blast, but sleep was not a high priority. I'm off to the gym and then a massage. Tomorrow it is back to reality. Hope you all had a good week, especially those of you who unexpectedly became parents while i was gone!


Anonymous said...

You say birthday the celebrating is over or something. HA! There's still the little present from Mii!

Ron said...

Since when has sleep ever been a "priority?"