Monday, May 4, 2009


Ever since i went to Pocahontas, AK in the middle of the night during a biblical plague to be able to claim Arkansas on Niki's Map of the US, I have had an odd affection for towns named Pocahontas. I can't explain it. Last week while team member AJ and i were overnight in Western Maryland for several days i heard there was a Pocahontas, PA (HOW did i even hear that? I have no memory of exactly how i discovered this tidbit; it's like it appeared in my brain) and i felt compelled to find it. Luckily AJ was game, so off we went on the greatest roads in America (PennDoT - you suck). We knew things were getting weird when we found Paul's Deer Cutting. Don't think about it. But then, behold sigh I can't begin to figure out why this made me happy, but it did. As we were driving through the picturesque Pennsylvania countryside nestled among the mountains we were completely shocked to turn one corner and see windmills? Yep. An entire ridge of modern windmills in the distance. We drove and drove up, down and around various hills and mountians, but we couldn't quite get to them before we had to turn back to get to our next show. They looks so anachronistic behind the farms and the Amish school where the kids were out playing at recess. Someday i am going to find the base of those windmills; there might be a visitor center!

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Kaaren said...

I was in Alabama once. There was a place called something with someone's name like Bob or Joe:

"Bob's Chicken and Chain Saw Repair."