Saturday, May 2, 2009

Medical update

Thanks to everyone who has asked about the various people in my life who have been sick or injured lately; here is an update: Mom's lung cultures came back negative for MRSA; it looks like the IV antibiotics killed it. She has gone home. A nurse comes in to check her shunt wound, but we'll probably only need her for another week. Mom cancelled the in-home physical therapist cause the PT at the hospital gave her a well-organized regiment to follow at home. She has been doing the exercises to rebuild her strength so that she can walk unaided again so regularly that she managed to pull a muscle. [you wonder where i get it from] The MRSA damaged her already questionable lungs so she has to keep the oxygen for a while and stay on Prednisone and Mucinex to keep them clear. All in all we seem to be on an upward road. I am cautiously optimistic. Rickki's back surgery had to be moved up a week because of the intense pain and possible complications. The surgery itself was a success, with the doctor removing 3 pieces of her spine. Now she is dealing with the pain of having a wound across her back. Some of the use and feeling might not totally come back, but she sounds much better. I am hopeful for a full recovery. Matt (not Matthew) went to the hospital the day after his bike accident to get x-rays. There was a dislocation and a bone chip. They popped his jaw back in place (yowch - don't even think about how much that hurt), but decided that the chipped bone would heal itself. One tooth was broken in half and another was wedged into his jaw. Unfortuantely he couldn't find a dentist to see him for over 2 weeks! Finally, after missing a bunch of work cause he's a teacher, but he couldn't talk, he saw someone who suggested root canals and build-up instead of extractions and implants (which is what we were expecting). The root canals went well, but he has 3 more appointments to get the crowns, caps and whatnots to make those 2 teeth align again. He'll be fine. I hope everyone out there is doing well.


Kaaren said...

Glad your mom is better.

Rea said...

Yup, back among the living. On the mend and scrambling to pack for the croppin cuz...5 pounds at a time.