Friday, May 29, 2009


If you have been following my BFF's adventures in homesteading you know that she is raising chickens. When Rea visited she brought me some of her eggs. Wow. I had no idea that chicken eggs naturally came in colors besides white and brown; generally Paas has to be involved to get these hues. Rickki told me that the color of a bird's shell has to do with the species of bird as well as the individual's genetics. The brown egg came from one of her original chickens, a buff Orpington (of the Ohio Orpingtons). The light green and teal eggs all came from Ameracaunas, which are various cross-breeds of Aracaunas (basically they are the mutts of the chicken world). The pink egg also came from an Ameracauna though now that i am reading the description I think that bird might be an Easter Egg chicken (great name!)- i'll ask Rea. Yes, i ate them and yes, they made some of the best egg salad i've ever had.

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Rea said...

Sometimes, Americaunas are also called Easter Eggers. They are one and the same. And see...Buff Orpingtons DO exist!