Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wrong Idea

I have always been interested in theology. I am quite certain about my own beliefs, but am fascinated by other ways of thinking. I studied religion in school. I've had friends of all different faiths over the years and have enjoyed learning from them. I try to have an open mind and be respectful. But sometimes you encounter something that is just flat out wrong. In the pouring rain a little silver BMW zipped past me and i noticed that it didn't have Maryland tags. I looked closer and realized the tags said GOD'S BMW Wow. God's BMW? Which God would that be, sir? Cause my God came to Earth last time in relative poverty. I can't think of any god that exalts conspicuous wealth; I feel pretty certain that no god of any modern religion would drive around in a silver BMW convertible if s/he/it decided to visit this plane. Really. There is a Chinese God of Wealth (Tsai Chen...something... sorry, that class was a LONG time ago) but he's more about all around prosperity and is normally depicted riding a tiger (and don't try to convince me that that tiny silver car is a modern tiger, sir). And if you mean Pluto (cause he was the god of wealth) or Diana (cause she had a silver chariot) that would be god spelled with a little "g" sir. The bumper sticker on the car said "Call me crazy but i'm hearing God." Hmmmmmm... did this voice tell you that it wanted a BMW? Cause that isn't God, sir; that's you. You wanted a BMW convertible, not God. If that voice tells you that you'd look younger dating a 20-something model/actress, that's not God either, sir. When i told the story to team member Amy she said, "Wait. Does that mean he thinks he IS God, since it is his car?" Yikes; i hadn't even thought of that. Whatever the case, i think this guy has really, really gotten the wrong idea somewhere.


Anonymous said...

That fool! Everyone knows that if God drove a car, it'd be the Batmobile.

a Beemer, jah, right,

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jesus was the co-pilot, out for a spin in dad's car.

Rachel said...

Had you ever thought that maybe he was suggesting that God is a BMW? Apostrophes are not available on license plates after all.