Saturday, May 23, 2009


Does it seem to you that the Nikiverse has been lacking in sparkle lately? Have you noticed that the posts are coming further and further apart? Do you realize that i haven't changed my quote in a month? Many of you may not have noticed a change (cause goodness knows you don't wake up in the morning and sprint to the computer to see if there are any glitter ponies waiting for you), but to me the difference is glaring. I have had some questions and e-mails inquiring after me so i figured enough people had noticed that i needed to address it. Plus anyone who sees me in real life knows that something is amiss. Remember back in the fall when i was ranting about how tired i was? How i had to sleep almost 6 hours every night to be able to function? How nothing was getting done? The same feeling continued through the winter (i figured it was seasonal affective disorder; i do loves me some vitamin D). By Spring it was getting worse : i let 2 Etsy updates slide by, no one got cards in April (sorry to all of you April babies, BTW), i stopped going to the Red Cross, yoga was forgotten and i only went to the gym to see my trainer. At my annual physical Dr Cool (that is her real name) found 2 anomalies : i was a touch anemic and my thyroid levels were way off. From the labs it looked like my thyroid was shutting down (lazy, layabout gland) while my pituitary (hard-working captain of Team Niki) was frantically trying to whip it back in shape. There is no way to fix your thyroid; if it goes bad you have to start taking a synthetic version of its hormone. I was unamused. Since this was the first time in my life that any of my test results have been bad Dr Cool and i decided to wait a bit and test again. The symptoms slowly got worse until this week i felt so crappy that i went to have a more comprehensive battery of tests a month ahead of schedule. Somehow in the last 2 months my thyroid has managed to fix itself. Every test that was bad before came back fine this time and all of the new tests were normal as well. YEAH! Wait. That means we still don't know what's causing all of my exhaustion and lack of motivation. Crap. But at least it isn't major gland failure. Yeah! Anyhoo, i have another appointment with Dr Cool on June 3rd and we will get to the bottom of this. I just wanted all of you who were concerned to know that I am okay. I'm still a bit off (no comment on that, Frack), but fighting to find the sparkle ponies. Don't worry. This is annoying, but i'm sure not life-threatening. I have 5 or 6 posts from the last 2 weeks (plus a few from the winter) lurking about, waiting for me to finish them. I'll try to get them done over the next few days in between naps.


Kaaren said...

I'm glad it's not the thyroid.

Years and years ago (I was in High school) mom had a thyroid operation that went amiss (they cut something wrong - I don't know). She was too meek to sue. Took about 10-15 years for her to get back to normal (except fort he weight gain).

Anonymous said...

Feel better, FRick.

And... Dr. Cool?????


Melanie said...

I hope the docs are able to get it figured out soon -- and more importantly, that you're able to feel better!! Sending hugs your way!

Anonymous said...

Miss Niki,

I am ordering Team Niki to fix the problem. Team Niki? They know who they are--platelets, white blood cells, bone marrow, all glands, and so on. They need to get on the case and do their jobs.

Best wishes,


Rea said...

I'm glad it's not Sir Thyroid. On to finding out what it IS!

Rachel said...

I'm sorry you're feeling bad! However, getting at least 6 hours of sleep isn't a bad thing ya know. ;) Hope you're feeling better soon!