Friday, May 29, 2009

speaking of my birthday

I think we all know by now that i enjoy celebrating my birthday for an entire month. As May is coming to a close i thought i would share a few of my favorite surprises from this holiday season. The best, best present is always spending time with my BFF, but she brought me physical presents this year as well. Now we are not supposed to buy gifts for each other as we are supposed to put gift money towards a yearly crop instead. There were stern words about bringing me presents, but you know i accepted them anyway. She made me a chipboard album with pictures from out entire lives together. Next time you are at my house ask to see the 70s-tastic picture from Thanksgiving one year; the clothes are so horrific i feel like our mothers should have to answer for crimes against humanity! Last weekend Kate P graduated from her Master's program in Library Science (way to go Kate!) so we had a wee get together to celebrate. Imagine my surprise when i gave her a graduation card and she in turn handed me a birthday present. Yes, she gave me a present at her own party - i really am spoiled. As i opened the giftbag Kate turned to her family and said "Cover your ears," in anticipation of my gleeful squealing. Jason and Kate got me my own Wii-mote and nunchak so that i can take my Mii with me from console to console. I am pictured here next to Colleen trying to find a way into the Niki-proof packaging. This gift certainly explains the odd comments from "Niki's Birthday Present" left on earlier posts. Finally, there is inevitably always one present that is hilarious in its pinkness. This year the distinction of Pink for No Reason and I Love It goes to the Reebok weight lifting gloves my trainer Jaime bought me that are grey with pink trim. They make me smile every time i put them on. Thanks to everyone who shared in this year's festivities.

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