Tuesday, March 9, 2010

darling, forgotten Miguel

I totally forgot that i took this picture. When i first started to get the intestinal unfortunateness a few weeks ago I didn't go to work one day. When i called mid-morning to check on things and tell team members about something i'd suddenly remembered in my feverishness, TM Megan said to me, It's okay Miss Niki. I drew a dinosaur with outstretched arms on the board. He'll give you a hug when you get back. Look at that ridiculous cuteness. Could it be any stinkin' cuter? How's he gonna hug me? It's like he has no arms at all - just hands growing out of his chest. And look at his whimsical overbite. Adorable! Miguel stayed on the board for over a week and every day someone would change what he was saying. Just looking at him makes me smile. sigh... i miss you, Miguel.

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