Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm (mostly) back

I have spent the better part of this last week feeling like i was drunk, or at least buzzed. The medication for the vertigo works, but gives me blurred vision. It has been such a hoot trying to find the chemical balance between the room spinning and not being able to see; really, it has. This weekend i spent on my couch alternating between horrific and heartwarming as i delved into my video library, the library's video library and our beloved Redbox to watch (in no particular order): Season 2 of The X-Files several episodes form Season 3 of the X-Files The X-Files Movie (the real one not whatever came out last year) Ponyo Angels and Demons Monsters vs. Aliens Season 1 of Glee (or the first half... did it only have 13 episodes?) Season 1 of Flight of the Conchords the first half of Season 1 of Fringe Under normal circumstances i'm sure that mixture of entertainment would have been confusing, but between the vertigo and the vertigo medicine it all seemed quite normal. I feel like i have gotten the symptoms pretty much under control and will keep taking the meds so that i can work this week. [yesterday i felt pretty normal so i decided to start weening myself down - BAD idea] Luckily i have plenty of refills. OH! That reminds me... walking home from the library on -well, whatever day i did my last post- it occurred to me that i had to be confused about the 5 refills on my 'scrip so i checked it when i got home. Indeed i was confused. The 5 i had stuck in my head as the refill number was the 5 from the fact that there were 50 pills in the bottle. There are actually 8 refills. Yes, EIGHT. i've never heard of anything so ridiculous. Anyhoo, things should be getting back to normal around here. Or at least what passes for normal around here. In that spirit i would like to share this picture with you. I took it in Florida over christmas and it is what i want in my front yard: ahhhhh... tikis


Anonymous said...

I can only hope that the season 3 X-Files eps included "Piper Maru" and "Apocrypha". Krychek rules!


Douglas said...

In the tikitikitikitiki room, in the tikitikitikitiki room, all the birds sing the words and the flowers croon, in the tikitikitikitiki room.