Monday, March 15, 2010

MVA Monday

Last week i spent Monday morning at jury duty; this week i spent Monday morning at the MVA. It makes me understand why people hate Mondays. The good news is that i didn't have to go to the actual Motor Vehicle Administration offices - i'd rather have a root canal than go there - but instead i went to a satellite office for my car's emission test. It honestly isn't that bad, compared to other bureaucratic nonsense, since generally they can run the test via the car's computer diagnostic and only have to do the 20 minute road test if something looks hinkey, but still on a rainy, grey Monday you don't really want this bleakness staring you in the face. I understand form over function, but do government building really have to look so cheerless? Once it was my turn, the test itself didn't take that much time; in fact, it took longer to find a manager to come verify my VIN number as the computer detected possible fraud (who knows what that means) than to do the whole emissions test. Good news - my car is spewing a state regulated acceptable amount of nastiness into the atmosphere. YEA!

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