Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pi Day - observed

As March 14th fell on a Sunday this year, we observed Pi Day at work on the following Monday. Though this was the 6th Annual party, it is the first time i have been able to attend since we normally are on the road. There are Pi decorations. In the past there were Pi favors and even the tables in the conference room were rearranged to form the Greek letter, pi. Basically people bring in pies. We eat pie. Then we vote on our favorite pie. It is glorious. The double chocolate peanut butter pie was delicious and cut with perfect strata. The Kentucky bourbon pecan pie was a bit messier, but fabulous. I don't have a picture of my personal favorite, a triple berry jam tart made by TM Sam. It was delectable and i was inspired to vote for it in haiku. The winner of the Most Delicious Pie award was Katherine from the planetarium with Blueberry Pi(e), while fTM Miriam took the second place Very Delicious Pie award with a grapefruit meringue pie. (curiously not pictured) There is nothing a bunch of science geeks like better than a mathematical excuse to consume multiple desserts. TM Elise even had an outfit for the occasion.


Francie the "wise" said...

a) love the blueberry pi(e) presentation

b) I so want a shirt like that.

E. Mark said...

All right, hon... now you just have to get geared up for Cinco de Pie-o.

Less than two months away!

Niki said...

I'm gonna get cracking on decorations for that holiday immeadiately.

E. Mark said...

You could draw horribly racist pie-related cartoon Mexican guys, a la "South of the Border." That just SCREAMS class!