Friday, March 12, 2010

memories etched in silica

I have fTM Karen and her MIL Nancy coming over for lunch and crafting this weekend, which means that my entire apartment needs cleaned, spring linens have to come out, a menu needs written and then grocery shopping needs done. So of course it seemed like a perfect time to unpack 4 boxes of barware - cause nothing makes cleaning easier like adding even more breakables to an already jam-packed area I have collected vintage barware since before i was allowed into bars and often will pick up glassware to commemorate events, so there is a lot of it. Though the bar itself was one of the first 3 things i setup when i moved (do remember how stressful that move was?) i never finished getting out all of the glass. Probably because there isn't room for it. But i was bound and determined to get those boxes out of the sunroom; i mean, next month is my fourth anniversary of living in the apartment, people. There really shouldn't be any moving boxes left. The last box that i did contained all of the sentimental bar ware: glasses from adventures and special times. Look at the flute from my Senior Prom; it has 2 little desiccated roses in it from my wrist corsage. There are shot glasses from bachelor and bachelorette parties, an assortment of glasses from Pat O'Briens in New Orleans (i started ordering drinks of off the menu based on which glass they came in), bright, gaudy glasses from Las Vegas, a hurricane from Phillips on the eastern Shore from the first time you know what - let's skip that story, the Irish coffee mugs from the Christmas party when my best friend at the time and I drank all night on someone else's tab cause the bartender liked us (in fact, we closed the place down and he ended up driving us around the city for hours until we were sober enough to drive ourselves home), my first wine glasses that were bought specifically for a romantic evening, the glass from Ruby Tuesdays where i had a standing date in the same section every Saturday, and the list goes on and on. I love that as i unwrapped each glass I remembered the moment that i got it, the people i was with and why it was important. I've really missed having them and can't wait to start serving beverages to friends in my glass-encased memories.

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