Friday, March 19, 2010

Hitchcock was right - this blows!

You know that i don't get sick like normal people, right?
Oh no; i get weird, stupid stuff like physical exhaustion and an infected secondary salivary gland and a duodenal ulcer and scratching my cornea with a christmas tree.
I generally enjoy being a freak, but really people, there is a price to pay for seeing sparkle ponies.
Guess who has vertigo?
I thought it was a reaction to doing one-armed aphoresis for the first time Monday night [stupid right veins have become uncooperative so now when i donate platelets they take blood and return anticoagulant and leftovers through the same puncture; it was different and kinda cool, but i had to be on the machine for 120 minutes instead of 80] as i was a bit dizzy and light-headed right afterwards.
It was so bad on Tuesday that i left work early. When i went home i super-loaded protein and fluids and napped thinking that i was just taking longer to recover from donating.
By Wednesday i could fight it and deal with it enough to go a fieldtrip with the team (details to follow in another post) and go over to Stacey's for dinner, but i was still not right.
When on Thursday i jumped for my alarm clock and almost fell down i thought it might be time to get some help.
[i'd like everyone to take a moment and realize that at this time last year i would have just pushed on recklessly, ignoring the implications to my overall well-being; that's personal growth, people, right there]
I spent a long time on the phone with Red Cross trying to see if they had changed the anticoagulant solution or something. They walked me through a symptom rubric and wanted me to consult my doctor.
Dr Cool (you know i love her) felt strongly that it is coincidental that this happened after donating and that i have a no-goodsky virus in my inner ear.
She phoned me in a prescription for an anti-dizzy drug. I should have known that something weird was up when my insurance refused to pay for it, but it was only $15 so whatever.
My first moment of trepidation came when i noticed that there are FIVE refills on it.
Anyhoo, when the doctor called at 8:30 last night to check on me (yes, she is that cool) she told me that even after my body kills the virus (which could be 2 days to 2 weeks) the symptoms of vertigo will continue to reappear off and on.
For the rest of my life.  
Today, i feel better, but still haven't quite gotten the dosage right - you have to take enough of the meds to alleviate the symptoms, but still function in society.
I'm down to just blurry vision and slight confusion so i'm almost okay.
[side note: that's what's left when i sit still; walking to the library has stirred everything back up so that i feel a bit drunk; but still i'm almost okay]
The fabulous Dr Cool (who has had vertigo herself) said that i should just try different doses and different intervals until you find what works for you.
Don't you love her?
It is frustrating, though because i was supposed to work security tonight at work (i'm taking as many extra side jobs as possible to make money for trip to Francie's wedding) and i had to call out.
I hate, hate, hate calling out to other supervisors.
Hate it.
When i call out of my own job it only upsets me if i have to move performers around to cover for me, but really it isn't that big of a deal because i know that at some point i will cover for them. But to cause another supervisor to scramble to cover makes me feel like a loser. It is especially frustrating cause i am fine to do the work, i just can't drive yet.
At least not without endangering the innocent.
So, i also had to call out of trivia tonite.
This blows.
Anyhoo... so far i've been lucky and my symptoms have been mild to moderate. The are some people that get vertigo so badly that they throw up.
Basically, i just feel buzzed all the time and the room spins whenever i move.
It could be fun if i didn't have any responsibilities and never needed to drive anywhere.
I guess i'll make the best of it by checking some movies out of the library (i walked here) and spend the weekend resting and trying to kill this buzz.  
PS - sorry if this is disjointed and even more poorly crafted than normal; did i mention that i feel a bit like i've been doing tequila shots without having to find a lime?

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Rea said...

You know...people pay good money to feel like that!! Feel better. You could always just call a friend to chat too.