Friday, October 21, 2011

but, whyyyyyyyy?

It is no secret that i love gummi.
It is also no secret that i am cheap, so i am forever trying different types of fruit snacks that are on sale.
Which is how i ended up owning:

Why would you put sharks and dinos together?
One lives in the sea, the other on land.
One is still around, the other is extinct.
I pondered this for a while, but then decided that i didn't care about the reasoning because they were darn good fruit snacks. They had nice texture, good flavor, different shapes in different colors, nice variety...
wait... what is that?

Why is there an astronaut/old-time deep sea diver in here?
What could he possibly have to do with dinos and sharks?
I thought it might have been an accident, but no in subsequent packs i found more of these guys in various colors.
Then, i found some treasure chests.
I was too baffled to even take its picture.
Are the sharks in an aquarium and these are the bubbler shapes?
If so, where do the dinos come into the picture?
Not to mention that pterodactyls weren't actually dinosaurs so what are they doing here?
I'm so confused...
(but full of delicious gummi)


Anonymous said...

It's all very much simple...Boys like sharks &'s a BOY package...there was probably a princess & flower one close by somewhere.....pterodactyls may not be an actual dinosaur but not many little guys latch onto such specifics when poppin gummies in their mouths :-P i think the diver dude just goes along with the sharks. little guys would like pretending to be a big shark & eating the diver dude! Just my take on it as an experienced mama of imaginitive boys :-D Sheryl

Anonymous said...

oh! i was just informed by eldest child that he would have had the shark eat the diver and then the pterodactyl would swoop down & nab the shark from the sea (or whatever beverage he was drinking) and munch on chain he is tough & gummies got it tougher LOL I say life is tough so eat more gummies! Sheryl