Monday, October 24, 2011

climbing playground

I love, love the trend of having climbing equipment on playgrounds.
And i don't mean those crazy metal things we played on back in the Dark Ages or even the plastic climbing walls with the colorful hand- and toe-holds.
I mean crazy, ropes course-like things:

TM Sam tries to make here way across the ropes only to find that they all have bungee connectors so that they sway.
Meanwhile, TM Katie discovers that the round footholds spin all the way around.

 Even what looks like a flat incline rotates about 50 degrees on its axis when Sam tries to walk on it; she determined that it might be physically impossible to walk upright on it. Luckily, the ground was the sprongiest surface i have ever felt, just in case someone takes a header.
And none of us are really sure about the weird hanging plastic seats, though they make for a great place to relax and read during lunch.
Yes, this really is my life. ;-)

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Douglas said...

Ah, gone are the days of the rocket I learned to climb so well in grade school...