Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hot toasty love returns to the Nikiverse

Do you remember when my toaster died?
How i tried frantically to fix it, to no avail?
My $7 rebound toaster barely satisfied my toasting needs. After a year of vague disappointment, it finally gave up.
And then i had no toast.
I was given a Free to a Good Home toaster oven with the caveat that it needed cleaned. No big deal, i thought. Wrong. It must have had a fire in it because even after a hard, thorough cleaning it still smoked enough to set off the alarm.
Still no toast.
I was desperate enough to put bagels under the broiler, but that was a pain since they went from toasty to cinders in a matter of seconds.
Then I decided that i didn't need toast.
My life is full and fine without toast.
Okay, i'll buy a new toaster.
Thus started the search for a new toaster. How many slots? What width? Toaster oven? Who has them on sale? This was not a frivolous undertaking, people.
Then, out of no-where, there was a like-new toaster oven in my hands. A Black and Decker one. A nice one. An expensive one. A FREE one.
Co-worker Stacey had inherited it from fTM Kate, but neither of them had particularly used it so Stacey was taking it Good Will. Look at it...

remember: no matter how much you love the toaster oven, don't kiss it; it's hot
I am so in love with my toaster oven that i am now toasting things that don't even need toasted.
I might have a problem. But i also have toast.


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm toast!!!
a beautiful thing!
I'm glad you're back in toasty-heaven!

and hey - Thanks so much for the thank you cards! they are wonderful!!!

You got it goin on girl!

Anonymous said...

7 years later and that toaster oven still leaves me misty-eyed...

Douglas said...

Don't kiss the toaster or stab it with a fork when you're mad at it.