Thursday, October 27, 2011

how i know it is time to clean my desk

That's my desk blotter at work.
Today was the first time i've been in-house for a full day since a week before the conference.
I started out with high hopes of getting a long list of things done, but quickly i realized that before any actual work got done i needed to just dig out from under the crap that had piled and piled up over the last month getting ready. The weeks leading up to the conference were a bit of a frenzy and i was jotting notes everywhere to make sure that i didn't forget anything.
I mean, how could i even concentrate on moving forward with this staring me in the face?

Honestly, any of you would probably be able to figure out what any of that stuff means as well as i could.
Seriously, people.

The only thing to be done was to strip the desk clean and then file, toss, recycle, or follow-up with things as i put them back on the desk.
Taking that hour to decipher the mess, throw away the crap and organize made it much easier to get things accomplished and i really do use my blotter to gauge when it is time to sweep things clear.

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