Thursday, October 20, 2011

Li'l monster car

We see all sorts of crazy things at work.
This is the car that was parked next to our van in a school parking lot - it belongs to the art teacher:
I am so in love with all of the little monsters,

like the ones who will devour tailgaters,

or who love their moms,

but my favorite is this pink one:
He looks so forlorn. He really wants you to be his friend even though he is a monster. I imagine him speaking with just a hint of a lisp and the occasional sniffle.
Of course, TMs Joey and Katie had to be little monsters, too
The teeth on the bumper just bust me up.
I took these pictures about 3 weeks ago, but today on Michele's blog i saw that she had spotted this car too so i wanted to add my monster love to the mix.

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Scott Hamilton said...

I think David Horvath Should sue.