Tuesday, October 4, 2011

new from K-Tel

Here are the newest members of my team: Katie, Joey and Chris.
As posed as this looks, it actually happened quite organically; we were outside getting ready to do some awesome exploding science when my brother called to us and we each looked up. With this job you get used to being photographed a lot so when we see a camera it is natural to just freeze at whatever you are doing until you see the flash. You can tell Chris and I have been here longer than Katie and Joey because we both automatically smiled as well.
When Katie first saw this picture she remarked It looks like our band photo; you know, for the cover or inside of an album.
Holy crap, it really does...
teehee..  I think Katie's body language says keyboards, Joey's says drummer (though in real life he is a guitarist) and Chris would be our affable bass player. I, obviously, would be the applause-wh*re frontman. [just like real-life ;-)]
What i first noticed, however, is that Katie is all nicely tanned and my legs look like i am a vampire.

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Anonymous said...

Change the blue/khaki motif to insane black + white, and you've just about got this: