Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pear Jelly

Now that there is a wonderful toaster in my life, I was able to try another new food from my BFF:
pear jelly!
why are the eggs only ugly on the day when i photograph my breakfast?
I had no idea what to think. I do not like canned pears and don't think i've ever eaten a fresh pear; what in the world would the jellied version be like?
I am happy to report that it was tasty.
It tasted like... hmmmm... it was defiantly a fruit jelly and not a berry jelly and it was sweet with a little tang... Okay, that description was less than helpful. I guess you just have to have your BFF make you some pear jelly and try it yourself.
Thanks, Rea!

1 comment:

Rea said...

And WHY? did you have to have a monkey glass with your breakfast! Why? because you knew it would make me crazy! I don't CARE for monkeys!

Glad you liked the jelly!

They can BFF me and I'll send jelly, for a small shipping and handling charge :P