Thursday, October 27, 2011

recycled hearts lead to yet another undertaking

I found this necklace at a yard sale
 and though i liked the mother of pearl hearts and the length, it was a hot dang mess. What is with all the different types of chain and what in the world is going on with this shmanky heart?
But with a 75 cent price tag, how could i resist?
I took apart each section and realized that not only were the chain sections different types of chain, they were each a different length. Who made this abomination? It was obviously manufactured, not handmade.
I fiddled with lengths, added some pearls, AB beads and gold circles from other broken pieces and in 45 minutes i had a brand new necklace and bracelet set,

plus 3 extra hears to be used at a later date.
Every time i wear this set i get comments and questions about it; i think it might be my favorite reimagined piece ever.
In fact, it was this very project that inspired me to try to make an entire line of recycled jewelry for my 40 While I'm 40 list. We all know that i am better with projects if there is a concrete deadline and if i publicly announce it so that there is some sort of accountability.
So here we go:
I will be a vendor at the annual jewelry show for charity the first weekend of February at Objects Found. Mark your calendars because i intend to have necklaces, bracelets, pins and rings all made from vintage pieces and found objects at bargain prices.

And while i'm branching out of my comfort-zone here, i will be linking this post to the Thrifty Thursdays at Quilted Cupcake (once Jean -the most talented person i've ever met- has her post up today) and this will be the first time i've participated in a blog linking event.

I am taking this week's quote to heart.


Quilted Cupcake said...

It's Great Niki! I love it. Your re-imagined version is so much better.

I missed you at the last crop. Hope to see you at the next!

Thanks for linking up to the party!

Betsy said...

Beautiful job. I love repurposing bits and pieces of found objects too. I'm sure your jewelry show will be a huge success. So much fun!

susan said...

Very cool necklace. I have twwo bins of old necklaces, this makes me want to go look at them again and seee if I can salvage them