Tuesday, October 25, 2011

yes, i said "roller derby"

Are you looking for a totally different sporting experience?
skating line during the intros
May i suggest, roller derby?

My only experience with roller derby was the episode of Charlie's Angels where Jill and Kelly had to go undercover as roller derby girls. I had no idea what to expect, but fTM Felicia's boyfriend follows roller derby, so she invited a group from work to go to the East Coast Regional Finals.
The Charm City All-Stars (Baltimore's team) are a flat track team (as opposed to inclined track) so there was no railing to flip people over, but man was there still some crazy excitement.
Will had looked up the rules so that he could explain what was happening to the rest of us: play is divided into 2 minutes jams during which one skater (the jammer) tries to lap the pack and skate around the track as many times as possible without someone killing her. There are actually a lot of rules about how you are allowed to block or contact someone, but it was still mayhem on wheels.

It was immensely fun and action packed.
Plus the people watching was as intense as the game.
And there was a guy dressed as a banana. Really.
I highly recommend going to a match, especially if your local team kick as much a** as ours.


Erin said...

Were you guys by any chance seeing this at the Carroll County Ag Center?

Douglas said...

I, too, recall that episode of Charlie's Angels. I was thinking, man, those girls are MEAN! Maybe that's why I was never interested in dating them......

Kaaren said...

One of my younger sisters is on a team in West Palm. Dub City Derby Girls.

She's Vicky "Bling it On." One of the founding members.


Niki said...

Erin - nope; it was in downtown Baltimore
Douglas - yep; that's why you didn't want them
Kaaren - awesome! I didn't mention that they all had fabulous nicknames so thanks for bringing it up