Saturday, March 24, 2007

For the love of M

Christina did a post about 10 things she loved with the letter K, which apparently she had been challenged to do by Amy. When I commented, Christina gave me the letter M. ROCK ON LETTER M! There are so many things i love that start with the letter M that i actually had to combine things and cut things out to get down to 10. Here they are in no particular order: Mel, Mike, Matthew, Matt and Mom - i have been blessed with an abundance of people to love whose monikers start with M and i could never choose just one of them Mountains - i love, love, love mountains; i love the silence and peace that i find on mountaintops Margaritas - rocks and salt, of course; i make a killer margarita that has a touch of sweet juxtaposed to the standard tang (no, you cannot have the secret ingredient (and no, it isn't Tang)) Manicures - i am equal parts of tomboy and girlie-girl and my favorite girlie thing is the manicure; i feel extra pretty when my hands are pretty Monkeys - who doesn't love monkeys? (oh yeah, sorry Rea (she doesn't care for monkeys)) Here at my desk i have my Monkey in the Mail (Valentine's last year from Douglas), my mood monkeys (swirly, annoyed, startled, nervous breakdown, energized, giggly, hopeful, spring fever, fallen, lovesick, distracted, frightened, industrious, hacking-up-a-lung, and sassy) penned by Rob to advertise to the office how cautiously to approach my desk, and my string of pipe cleaner monkeys made by Erin Museums - art, history, science, crap; no matter what it is if you gather a bunch of it, theme it, write good signage and display it i will pay 12 bucks to come look at it (of course it helps that as a museum employee i get into a lot of places free) Marshes - ahhhh the wetlands; i love the smell of the marsh, the gentle swaying of the tall grasses, the muck flowing into my shoes - its all good in a marsh M'oni Cheese - my favorite food; how can you go wrong with noodles and cheese??? (unless you're lactose intolerant or just nuts (sorry Jason... i love you, but you're a freak)) Mail - i like making it, sending it, and receiving it (hint, hint people) Men - once described as my favorite land animal (which is actually the tiger, in case you were wondering) there is no denying how much i love men; you'll just have to take my word for it that my reasons are both subtle and obvious Are there any Ms that you love that didn't make my list?


Kaaren said...

Magnuson. I loves me some Magnuson.

Niki said...

Right on sister! I loves me some Magnuson, too. How could i have missed that one? It would go with the M names. Good call! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You hath barely scratched the surface, Frick!

Mozzarella - where would pizza be without it?

Morons - where would my blog be without these imbeciles to mock? Speaking of which...

Mockery - nuff said.

Mario - where would videogames be if not for the world's greatest plumber?

Mutants - where would comic books be without them? (Hmm, something about them being necessary to real world evolution. Whatever.)

Muppets - where would children's education TV be without them?

Mars - where would alien invaders be without it?

Marshmallows - could campfires exist without them?

Marmalade - where would toast be without it?

Masturbation - where would my high school years have been without it?

I think I'll stop, as I may have shared too much...


Francie the "wise" said...

I think I actually like men even better than tigers. Well, some men anyway.

Erin said...

What about ME? Of course you love me!

Niki said...

So at 3am i sat up in bed and said "MUSIC - how could i have forgotten music?" There was no answer so i went to sleep. Now i realize that saying music is one of my favorite M things would be like saying oxygen is like one of my favorite O things; i don't have to include musi on the list because without i would die.

BTW, Francie, i like men better than tigers too, i just don't consider them "land animals" as they can be water animals and sky animals as well!

Christina said...

Nicely done! Although I definitely agree with some of Frack's as well, especially muppets.