Sunday, March 4, 2007

Perhaps I am part Canadian

Having males friends my entire life means I am conversational in most sports; however there are only a few that I actually really like. Near the top of the list is hockey. I don't know why men on skates with sticks chasing a chunk of plastic excites me, but it does. Last night Jason, Kate, Colleen and I went to the Caps game in DC to watch them take on the NY Islanders. Man, I love hockey and it is way better live. Unfortunately for the first 2 periods the Caps looked like a college intramural team with crappy passing and non-existent teamwork, but after the coaches served them what must have been a heapin' helpin' of rage stew during the second break, they came out and actually played the third period. Of course nothing could really help the damage and NY won 6 to 2. Despite losing, I still had a really good time and am considering looking into partial-season passes. A little known Niki fact : my favorite sport to watch on TV is Lumberjack Competitions. Whether it is reruns of boomrunning or the Stihl IronJack Competetion, i love me some lumberjack sports. And my favorite is Hot Saw.


srapalmateer said...

The best game you can name is the good ol' hockey game! Men on skates with sticks...almost as good as the great American pasttime...almost!

Niki said...

CRAP! Your comment reminds me that i forgot to say anything about "The Hockey Song!" I think my life has been transformed forever by hearing "The Hockey Song" for the first time (the jury is still out on whether the transformation is for good or evil).