Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Pi(e) Day!

My place of employment is filled with people who love science and love any excuse to get together and eat, hence the inception of Pi(e) Day!
For the third year in a row we celebrated Pi Day today (March 14th is 3-14, for those of you who aren't geeks). Of course the first ceremonial pie was cut at 1:59pm (that would be 3-14, 1:59 for those of you still not following me!). The staff has a Pi(e) party organized by the head of the planetarium department (where the hardcore geeks live). People bring in pies and vote on the best one, after sampling as many as possible (one of the winners this year was apperantly a homemade two-crust blueberry pie, made from blueberries that were handpicked and frozen in the summer, where the top crust had a pi symbol cut into it). There are pi magnents, pi necklaces, and pi balloon decorations. This year there was also a pi-ku poetry contest; someone even did their pi-ku in 3-1-4 instead of 5-7-5. For the public, Tastycake donated snack pies to give to the first 314 guests through the door.
Unfortunately, my staff (except the lucky Lauren) was on the road; however, there were some Tastycakes (thanks to whomever saved them for us) that i arranged into a pie pyramid (or as Erin keeps insisting, a pi-amid).
Have some pie, people and celebrate both geometry and tasty pastries!
Niki's Pi-Ku
Pi r not
Pie are yummy!

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