Thursday, March 8, 2007

Would the opposite of perky be crotchety?

I have a friend named Jonah. We used to work together until he moved to CT to head his own program. We are diametrically opposed on nearly everything; it verges on ridiculous how different we are. If I think the glass is half full, he thinks the glass was recently smashed by a passing asteroid. The things we agree on can be counted on one hand: 1) we have the best job EVER, 2) when in doubt, light it on fire, 3) pizza is yummy, 4) U2 is awesome, and 5) we love each other, though we should make each other NUTS. When he worked here, we were referred to as Frick and Frack cause we were always together, but no one really understood our friendship; in fact, when i met his then-girlfriend (now wife) for the first time, her comment was, "Wow. Is she ALWAYS that perky?" Last week were talking about me joining this century and starting a blog. The discussion instantly highlighted our personalities; here is his version of the story, from his blog: I recently had this conversation with a friend... SHE: On my blog, I keep a running list of things that make me happy. ME: Oddly enough, I like to list things that piss me off. SHE: I think this may entirely sum up the difference between us. ME: Did it occur to you that listing things which piss me off is one of the things that makes me happy? Yep. There's our entire relationship in 5 lines. So for all of you out there who feel like you might need an antidote to my unrestrained love of life, I offer you Mr Science Theater. Just remember that i warned you and that strychnine goes down better with chocolate. I love you, Jonah and there isn't a DAMN THING you can do about it! [will that make the list of things that piss you off? ;-) ]


Francie the "wise" said...

Speaking of U2, did you see that this is the 20th anniversary of the release of the Joshua Tree album? I remember receiving a copy of that album on cassette for my 16th birthday (I also thought of it as the U2 sell-out album, because that's when they got really popular).

Do you think maybe I am getting old?

Anonymous said...

Bah! I have The Joshua Tree on vinyl.

And I don't know who this guy Niki is talking about is, but he sounds like a real pill.

-Jonah Cohen

Niki said...

How could you be getting old when i am 2 days older than you and I AM NOT OLD?
I once had the chance to get a vinyl copy of Joshua Tree framed with a guitar signed by Bono. I turned it down becaus eI thought it was too extravagent of a gift. What was i thinking???