Friday, March 30, 2007

St Louis Trip Redux

I am back in MD and had a GREAT time in St Louis. The 2 days were action-packed and fabulous. Instead of doing one incredibly long post that would take forever to write and read, I think I will do it in bite-sized chunks. That way you can get a little bit of trip at a time. Ohhhhh... it'll be like Saturday serials at the movies! Right now it looks like i will be able to get in done in 9 posts, including this one (the biggest problem at this point is figuring out how to upload pictures without going to work), so stay tuned for the adventures in Saint Louie. To get us started, here is a breakdown of trip statistics: duration of trip : 52.5 hours time sleeping : 9.5 hours distance traveled : 1604 miles, 838 by plane and 666 by car airports : 3 time zones : 2 new states : 2 New Year's resolutions finished : 1 iconic landmarks : 1 live bands: 1 encounters with police : 1 Biblical plagues : 1


Melanie said...

Biblical plagues, eh? Well, what did you expect

Melanie said...

(argh, got cut off in the middle -- sorry!) That should say: What did you expect after driving 666 miles? :)

Welcome back!

Niki said...

It actually even makes sense with just "well, what did you expect" as this is ME traveling after all.