Friday, March 30, 2007

How I Love to Fly

I love flying; if i could figure out a way to fly from my apartment to work everyday i would. Knowing the science behind flight makes it even more amazing to me. I love the forces you feel when you take off and land. I love the jostling of turbulence - it's like a carnival ride that you are pretty sure is safe, but was just put together by a carnie this morning. I love how your seat and the walls are constantly vibrating with the thrumming of the engines. I love seeing the world passing below, tiny like a train set, with the shadow of the plane passing over it. I especially love when you are surrounded by clouds; it seems like they are solid puffs that you could jump and bounce on. (i really, really, really want to skydive to flip and fall through the clouds) I realize it sounds crazy, but i miss airline food. I loved airline food. "Guess the Meat" was always a fun game to play and anything pasta-based was normally tasty. We do at least still get snacks. I was happy to see my friend, plane crackers: You would think that they are just crackers to be eaten on a plane, but no, no, they are crackers SHAPED like planes: I love them! It takes so little to amuse me. Thank you Southwest and thank you Nabisco for giving me yet another thing to love about flying. Generally, a day that starts on an airplane is going to be a good day!


Kaaren said...

"Planes. Why'd it have to be planes?" That's about how I feel abour airplane travel. Which is ironic considering who I married.

Niki said...

teehee... that IS ironic cause one of my favortite things to do with your husband was to go flying!