Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Good Day for Being Born!

March 1st is a great day for birthdays. Not only did Ohio become a state, Yellowstone become the first National Park and the Hoover Dam open, but today is David and Kaaren's lovely daughter's birthday. Happy Birthday, Isabelle! Also, my nephew's twins came this morning around 3am. As per our family, the girl - Rachel - was no problem, but the boy - Brandon - threw a fit and had to be taken by C-section. Both babies are fine, as is their mom. My nephew, Darryl, however is freaking out in Japan as his leave to come home and meet his babies hasn't come through yet. [I'm sure it will all work out] Happy March 1st to everyone and Happy Not-Crapuary-Anymore, too!


Kaaren said...

Thanks Niki & congrats on two more March 1 babies in the mix.

Kaaren said...'re a GREAT-Aunt? How the heck did that happen? Great-Aunt??

Niki said...

What do you mean "how did that happen?"
You HAVE 2 children, certainly you know how babies are made!
Okay... the generations in my family are weird. I am 11 and a half years younger than my sister and I am 9 years younger than my brother. They both married relatively young, so I have nieces and nephews ranging in age from 7 to 23.
Yes, sometimes it makes me feel unnaturally old.