Monday, March 5, 2007

Pod People, part 2

I have a digital camera. ... I'll pause for you to recover. TSP team member, Rob, is an incredible photographer. When he joined the team 3 and a half years ago, we would spend a lot of time on the road taking pictures and he had the most adorable, yet versatile digital camera. He is the person most responsible for me going from "despising digital" to "hating digital" to "tolerating digital" to "i-can-see-the-value-of-digital-but-it's-not-for-me" to "wellllllll, maybe." Over Christmas, I was talking to Mel and Mike about the fact that I had softened my views on the film vs digital debate. They had recently gotten a new camera and one of the two (i can't remember which) said, "we should send you our old camera to try." About a month or so passed and one day a big box marked "Fragile" (must be Italian) appeared at my front door. I had forgotten all about the conversation and was blown away to open the box and find Mel and Mike's old camera in my hands. They sent the camera, all the cables, a memory card, all the software, the charger, everything! Heck, it was even in the original box! I immediately took my first ever digital picture commemerating the event.

In playing around with the camera I found that Mel and Mike had sent another present along with the camera. As a "welcome to this millenia" present, there was already a picture on the memory card of the scruffiest member of our family, the cuter-than-you-would-think-possible Stanley Barr.

It has taken me a while to figure out how to 1) use the camera, 2) connect it to my computer and upload the pictures, and 3) post images on the blog.

My little Canon PowerShot is cute and fun. teehee... i like new toys. I think that I will probably continue to shoot film as i really do love film, but think that anything i might want to end up here, or send to others will also be shot digitally. Now just to find a new camera bag. The stripey Guatemala bag has almost had it!

Thank you, Mike and Melanie!!!


Melanie said...

Woo-hoo!!! You've got a picture blog now. :)

(And you're quite welcome -- we're glad that the camera has a good home!)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Retiring the stripey Guatemala bag! That bag has been everywhere. Ah, the memories! But I trust you will find an equally cool and worthy replacement!