Monday, March 26, 2007

Having it ALL

I've never been an either/or kinda person; I consider the Nikiverse to be a Land of And. I really wanted to go someplace during my days off - maybe even hit a new state - but since i have set up the studio i also want to stay home and spend as much time on projects as possible. The solution presented itself at 2am (as all good solutions do). I received a rather large (for me) tax refund this year. I was saving it to put towards a computer, but have decided to spend it instead. Tomorrow morning i fly to St Louis, stay for 2 days and fly home on Thursday, in time for my personal training session. This way I don't miss an appointment, i get to do laundry today, and i have at least 3 days in the studio! YIPPEE!


Rickki said...

Good for you! I'm jealous! But at least I know someone that has it all.

srapalmateer said...

Good for you! St. Louis is a fun town with lots to do. We'll be looking forward to hearing about your adventure on your return!

Melanie said...

Hope you had a great trip! It's awesome that you're making such good use of your days off. You deserve it!