Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Cool

So team member AJ has today and tomorrow off. Why? To get married. Yep - married on a Monday. He and his love, Danamarie, have opted to go the courthouse route for now, with a celebration party at some TBD date. The reason i mention this is that they have put together a cyber-wedding so that everyone can join the fun. I've never even imagined such a different and fun thing : they've been posting about their relationship and why they're getting married, there's a playlist of the songs that would play at their reception, there's been he said / she said posts about the major milestones. Anne once described me as "an avid traditionalist with a twist" and the approach that AJ and Danamarie have taken really appeals to me. It has not only been fun to get to know more about one of my team members, it has been really nice to read about tangible happiness. Sometimes the world seems overwhelming in its badness (Jonah posted today about monks having a fist fight inside a church, for goodness sakes) and it is really, really refreshing to experience some goodness for a change. If you wanna experience a cyber-reception, hear some cool music, or just bask in the light of joyous, unfettered love go to This Day and Age, but save me some chocolate chip cookies people!

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