Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i really do love them

Each team has its own character and its own attitude, which is funny to me cause i train everybody the same, but they turn out different every time. The mixture of strong personalities together (cause i only hire characters) leads in a myriad of of directions, good and bad. This current team is exacting and precise, they are rule-followers without being clueless or unmotivated. Case in point : i think that it is important that we all know where each other can be found, especially right now while we finish writing and installing this theater show. Past teams have done a good job at communicating via the dry erase board in our office, but this team takes it seriously. Last week i was on the phone when one of them went home so next to his name he wrote "home - have a good night, Niki. don't stay too long" which made me grin. I glanced over at the White Board a few minutes ago and found this "Niki - at the big desk" and "Wendy - who knows?" just cracks me up.


Kaaren said...

Is that like "the adult table?"

Niki said...

Yep. "The Big Desk" is both my actual desk and a phrase to refer to being in charge, like in the following examples: "I hate doing budgets but that's what i get for sitting at the big desk" or "Doesn't anyone else wanna sit at the big desk?"