Monday, November 24, 2008

Too many cooks

I know this will be a shocking statement coming from me, but it is possible to have too many cameras at an event. Last weekend we were trying to get a picture of Colleen, Melanie, Jason, me and Matthew by our dorm and it was a bit of a fiasco. Not only was the wind blowing my skirt right on up, but there were 3 photographers and 4 or 5 cameras. So what should have been this : turned into this : (they kept having us look at different cameras, but apparently kept snapping away with all of them even when we weren't looking at them) and my personal favorite, this : (hmmm... i'm gonna guess that Jason decided he wanted one on his camera so Matthew grabbed it since he was in the front, but why do we have a picture of this moment?!?) I am a firm believer in taking lots of pictures so that you get the one you want, but this is insane. I mean we were using digital cameras and we are all friends; you'd think we could have taken the pic with one camera and then e-mailed it to each other. But then again, if we did that, what would today's blog post be about?

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