Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reunion redux

Last weekend i celebrated my 15 year college reunion and the 50 year anniversary of the founding of my college. On Thursday i flew to St. Petersburg, Florida and hooked up with Matthew, Melanie, Mike and Colleen. We stayed in a condo on St. Pete Beach; i highly recommend it over a hotel cause we had a whole house and the pool to ourselves : Some of the events were held at the Tradewinds resort on the beach so we were able to do some walking in the fine Florida sun which meant that i, of course, got sunburned. We visited the beach and ate grouper at the Hurricane. There were semi-formal events like the Alumni luncheon where they handed out awards. Though perhaps not the most exciting way to spend an afternoon it gave us a chance to meet up with Jason and his mom and stepdad (Bebe is also an alum of our college as is Jason's dad who wasn't there). There were also less formal events like going to classes (we made none of those), specific group reunions (we swung by the student government one, but it was a bit lame) and opportunities to hang out on campus. We toured all of the places that had mattered to us as students, like the student offices and our dorm (though none of the people in this picture actually lived in the dorm. funny) and explored all of the new improvements that have been in the last 15 years, like the library (gorgeous!), the student union (all that campaigning paid off) and the new waterfront beach at the seawall (frickin' awesome) : I really enjoyed performing in the reunion choir on Sunday; we sang Mozart's Requiem with a chamber orchestra. (though i do not enjoy the sickly green color they have painted the interior of the chapel - yuck) It is unfortunate that practice took up so much of our time during the weekend, but it really was necessary cause that is not an easy little ditty to belt out, people. One of the best parts was the big Saturday night celebration on campus with yummy food, a good band, keepsake keychains and fireworks over the college chapel. But the very best part of the weekend was being with people i really love. On Saturday Scott and his girlfriend Amy met us on campus and then we went downtown to this great restaurant for dinner : We are born into a family and often marry in another, but your friends are the family you get to choose. I am so glad that all of these wonderful people chose me so long ago and that we are still together after almost 20 years.

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Kaaren said...

That's pretty great. MY school had WAY too many people for me to ever think about heading to a reunio there.