Sunday, November 9, 2008

they're he-re

Perhaps you recall that during my Month of Birthday Festivities Kate P had me choose a yarn for my very own hand knitted birthday socks. I picked them up on Halloween: I am at a loss for words at the awesomeness. Look at how the bubble wrap pattern is so bubbley at the top and how the Yarn Pirate I Want Candy yarn colors are so vibrant and how the heel is so stripey. Look at how well they fit! That stripey heel just slays me with its cuteness. And they are waaarm, which is a plus when your whole first floor apartment is hardwood floors. As i was taking these pictures i also realized that the bubble wrap pattern really lends itself to slouching: I miss you 1987! These socks are the best. Well done, Kate!


Melanie said...

Super cute! Go Kate!

srapalmateer said...

I'm glad that you like them...I had fun making them!