Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving art

The last day of shows before a holiday is always fun - schools are filled with good cheer and the audiences are full of energy. Plus there is always holiday-themed art to be found. Yesterday's school was teeming with autumn/Thanksgiving offerings. In the hallway across from the stage there were all these drawings of squirrels: You might recall that i am partial to squirrels cause of their maniacal energy and the fact that it was my BFF's nickname for me so of course i wandered out to look at them. What is truly surprising to me is that the drawings were done by kids 4-7 years old. Yes, all of them are obviously childish renditions of my favorite rodent, but they are GOOD for a 6 year old, i mean check out his guy: Sure, he's taller than the human and he's surrounded by living popcorn, but he's way better than I would have done at 5. And this one done by some little girl (check out the pink accents and eyelashes) is frankly better than i can draw at 37! For those students less artistically inclined there are always the holiday coloring pages. The crop on the door to the afterschool office were a bit alarming - doesn't his pilgrim look drunk to you? If he isn't drunk then he at least would have taken the short bus to America. And that one is done in realistic colors. The picture becomes even more alarming when shaded creatively: He looks like a zombie who has eaten the brains of too many winos and has a contact buzz! Even the adults get into the holiday spirit in schools. The faculty room was filled with treats including this bitchin' turkeys: I'm a turkey made of cookies! Gobble, gooble. Not only were they cute, cool and tasty, they inspired team member AJ to want his picture taken like one was going to attack and chase him: I wish we had worked on the field depth longer and taken a series of AJ looking at various heights, but it was reeeeeeeally cold so we only took the one shot before jumping into the warm van to cross the Bay Bridge to come home. I hope you are making, finding and/or enjoying your own holiday art! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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