Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grease with a side of tasty

I loves me some breakfast and i really, really love diner breakfast. At this time last week we were having brunch at Skyway Jack's in St. Pete. Dang, i love that place. It used to be located by the back entrance to the college right in view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It has since moved, but is still just a hop, skip and a jump from campus. We went there before Matthew, Colleen and I had to be at practice for the Mozart concert; Scott and Amy drove down to meet us. A nice lady offered to take a pic of Mike, Mel, me and Colleen while we waited for our table outside It is unfortunate that the umbrella was blocking the chicken's head cause he's quite impressive, as is the giant Humpty Dumpty, pictured with me and Mel The food is yummy and plentiful, but i really love how playful Jack's is, i mean they have collections of pigs everywhere including paintings on the front window A pig eating bacon - how funny is that? The pane next to it is a pig in a police uniform eating donuts. The pond out front has pig statues for goodness sakes. If you are ever in St Pete eat breakfast at Skyway Jack's, but forget about counting calories or having free-flowing arteries.

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