Thursday, November 6, 2008


Between Etsy and my mom I have really fallen behind on ye olde blogge - i have a backlog of photos and half written posts. I haven't even talked about the pumpkin carving contest at work. We all know how much i love punkins so it was exciting when they announced that the lobby of the museum was going to be decorated with jack o'lanterns for members night. A huge case of pumpkins was donated to the museum and everybody got to carve away. It was set up so that each department could submit a pumpkin for the contest; since there are so many people in the education department we had a pre-contest contest to decide which punkin would be our submission. Every pumpkin was HUGE; i have never seen such ginormous gourds. I went traditional with my drawing, but the skin was so thick that i had to modify as i hacked away at it. The team pumpkin was designed by AJ and executed by Miriam; i was really happy with our one-eyed monster (shown after carving and on display in the lobby with AJ (i think he's trying to look like the punkin) and Lindsey) Punkins were places all around the lobby and the submissions were roped off with a ballot box for the visitors pick their favorite. The stacked skeleton [C] was the winner. I thought the planetarium's submission [B] was really cute and i super-liked the hedgehog (cause who doesn't love hedgehogs) and the portrait of the kid with their hair standing up on the VanDeGraaff generator.

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Anonymous said...

I have never seen such ginormous gourds! (that's what he said) LOL!!! Sorry, you stepped right into it Nik!
Baby Robin