Saturday, April 25, 2009


I got up and came to the library today to finish off the cruise posts. As i signed into a computer there was a notice that they were having some internet connection problems and it might be slow going. Whatever : beggars can't be choicers, i say. I spent the last hour on a post about food. When i hit publish, it disappeared. poof. gone. CRIPES! I fanatically hit the save button, plus blogger auto saves, but apperantly i wasn't properly connected so NONE of the changes are saved anywhere and i have to start over. Screw this noise. I'm going to get some breakfast and eat it in the sunshine.


Scopi said...

The entry is in your RSS feed. If you can't get it I'll send you the whole thing when I'm home.

Niki said...

Thanks Sco. I don't even know what my RSS feed is, but i appreciate the offer. Unfortunately i've already rewritten the entire thing.