Friday, April 17, 2009

Here's your cabin

The ship wasn't leaving dock for a few hours so we went to our cabin to see if any of our luggage had arrived yet (you don't carry it on; they bring it to you) and to drop our day bags. Douglas opted for an internal room so that we'd have more to spend on excursions (which was totally the right idea since our excursions were awesome) so we went down to Deck 6 and spent a hot minute trying to figure out where in the world our room was. Since i'd never been on a ship before the numbering made no sense to me and the handy-dandy map they gave us didn't even HAVE our stateroom number listed on it. Finally we came upon cabin 6313 Dontcha love the little fish fixture above the door? It holds notes and cards and envelopes and such. The room was much bigger than i expected with a curtain dividing the large bed and end tables from the sitting room which had a couch, coffee table, desk and tv (again, missing vital pictures cause i was so excited) If you click to enlarge this one photo i remembered to take you can see the custom bedspread and the A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes music print over the bed; maybe you can see the custom side lamps with their adventure/travel shades and Mickey cutout, but probably not. When we first found the room Douglas stepped aside and told me to open the door since he "figured i'd want the honor" (which i did), but in fact he wanted me to be surprised by the decorations he'd ordered for me There were decorations and cards and presents galore, including an awesome memory box and this sweet cake (in the pic above you can see the bakery box has a Mickey head cello cutout) with the faboo rolled white chocolate boat on top. I was already overwhelmed and we still hadn't left the dock.


Melanie said...

That's awesome!!!

Kaaren said...

Aweee, I <3 Douglas too! (even if he *did* eat the veggie pasta medley thingy.)