Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what do you do at sea?

After Key West we had a day at sea - our first of two. I hadn't really given a lot of thought to what i was going to do on sea days, but trust me there is a LOT to do. There are activities planned from 8am to midnight for every age range of guest. You receive the next day's listing every night. I'll post about some specific things, but here is an overview of some things you can do while at sea. Stand at the aft of the ship and watch how the air stirred into the water by the boat's enormous propellers turns the wake a cool shade of turquoise. There is a different Broadway-style show almost every night in the Walt Disney Theater. We went to three of them; they are amazing. There is also the Buena Vista theater showing first-run and premiere movies; i never even made it to the outside to take a picture of it. Come to think of it, i'm not even sure where that theater is. Go workout in the fitness room. Yes, i did actually go one day and here is the picture of my exercise bike screen to prove it to my trainer. There is a cabaret every night in the bar after 10:00 with comedians, musicians and games like the wacky scavenger hunt which found Douglas wearing my shoes and the bra of some chick we had just met. Now that's an ice breaker. Sit in the deep portholes on Deck Three and read, write or work on other projects. I love this picture because i was camped out in this porthole going through pictures on my camera, cleaning things up a bit when some woman walked by, did a double take and said, "That is such a cute picture. Give me your camera," took my picture and walked away. Attend the Princess Gathering with Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. These girls are professionals, signing autographs and taking thousands of pictures with perfect smiles while holding babies. It was cool to watch from the balcony, but i wasn't going down in that mayhem. Stare at the water noticing the color changes -it was a different shade of blue every day- and try to come up with what crayon color name is closest : i think this water between Cayman and Cozumel is cerulean. sigh... i love water Watch the sunset as you eat in a 4-star Italian restaurant. Watch movies on the Jumbotron over the family swimming pool (did i mention there were 3 pools : family, adults-only and the kids pool with a slide being held up by a giant Mickey hand?) Look! It's one of my favorites : The Lion King. Every night there is some themed dance party in the bar after the cabaret where the cruise staff dresses up, the dancers do a number and the band plays themed songs. On this night we had a boys vs. girls dance off and on another night David (the emcee for these events; the guy with the mike above) was giving out shots for correctly naming the artist and title of the song . There's no gambling cause it is a Disney cruise, but there is plenty of drinking. the house band continues to play well into the night. Play bingo dressed as a pirate. I don't think that needs any explanation, do you? And of course gaze out through a porthole at the waves crashing into the wake of the boat sending spray shooting into the air while sitting in a comfy chair in the Promenade lounge sipping the Drink of the Day - i had 6 out of 7 - and writing in your journal.


Erin said...

It all looks awesome Niki...sign me the heck up!

Kaaren said...

Hee hee. Bra. Pirate costume. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Remember: bingo dressed as a pirate = good.

Keno dressed as a Somali pirate = less good.