Sunday, April 26, 2009

Castaway Cay

Our final day of the cruise was spent on Disney's island in the Bahamas - Castaway Cay.
From the moment you step off of the ship it is obvious you are on Disney property;
it is one photo op after another

(let's face it, if you needed to bait a trap for me a giant hotdog would do the trick)
Though the Disney cruise ships are the only boats that come into this port there is another ship in the harbor
That is the real Flying Dutchman that was used in the filming of the second and third Pirates movies.
My only real disappointment on the trip came on this day.
  All shore excursions were cancelled due to high winds. We were scheduled to do parasailing and a stingray encounter. Plus there had been some conversation about waverunners.
oh well.
We'd have to make our own fun exploring the island instead.
Of paramount importance was a stop at the post office. I had written post cards at the beginning of the trip, but forgot to mail them in Key West. This seemed like the next logical place, even if it was on the last day of the trip. Douglas and I went in to buy Bahamian postage to put over the US postage i'd already affixed to my pile.
Now look at that post office.
It was quaint and the person inside was perfectly nice, but it took 3 weeks for the postcards to get to their destinations. I have a sneaking suspicion that they were bundled into an empty rum bottle and tossed into the sea where the currents and a friendly dolphin or two helped it meander its way to the US.
If this island were part of the Magic Kingdom it would be Deserted Island Land, complete with set decoration and helpful trams
  to take you around to the various locations.
Just like at Disney World there was elaborate back story about the island and the people who crashed there and left all of the structures you see like Mt. Rustmore. The first tram takes you to the central marketplace where there are buffets and the children's area, stores, more stores, beaches and activities like crab races. Why no pictures of the fun and frivolity? you say. Because i was too excited about doing more snorkeling.

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