Sunday, April 26, 2009

I wasn't expecting this

On board the ship there is an art gallery. Not a wall where they have some animation in frames hanging up. It is an actual art gallery filled and run by west End Gallery out of Ft Lauderdale. And all of the art was for sale. The on-board art guy's name was Gordon and he was a trip. Gordon had a pocketful of raffle tickets and if you walked up and said "Hi Gordon" he gave you a ticket. He also ran a history of art seminar that was thoughtful and well presented. Gordon also ran the art auctions. Yes, i said art auctions. Imagine you are sitting in this grand lobby under this incredible Chihuly glass light sipping champagne and looking at wonderful and diverse pieces of art as Gordon tells you about the artist and then the piece and then auctions it off. I've never done such a thing. But it seemed fun and different. If you register for a paddle you received a free lithograph of your choice from the modern French impressionist Duaiv. And champagne. Plus if you stayed through the auction Gordon held a raffle with all of the tickets we had been collecting. I was number 105 and had a blast bidding on pieces. Douglas would nudge me if he wanted a piece or if we were getting toward our limit and it was okay for me to keep bidding. We won a lovely Matisse-like lady in red by an Israeli painter whose name escapes me at the moment. And in a move that flabbergasted me, we bought a Peter Max painting called "Angel With Heart" that i was in love with after the lady behind us leaned up to Douglas and said "You should buy that for her." It was the most surreal part of the entire trip. I cried off and on for about an hour including into high tea at Palo's. [note - at really nice restaurants no one stares at you when it is obvious you have been crying, but they do shoot hard, sideways glances at the boy you are sitting with ;-)] Now i am anxiously waiting for my art to arrive. I'll share more and show them to you as soon as they get here.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But you probably have bought crap.

Check out...

or google many other stories about the company you bought your "art" from.

Niki said...

Actually that story is about Park West Gallery; Disney fired the month before my cruise because of the reported misconduct and sketchy art.
The new art supplier for Disney Cruises is West End Gallery. This was only Gordon's second cruise with them because of the switch.
We actually talked about the controvery on the ship.
Thanks for your concern, though.