Monday, April 6, 2009

Stupid reality

Merry Monday to all. I promise that we will get to a detailed breakdown of my cruise complete with 300 pictures (not an exaggeration), but frankly i am swamped right now. There is a ton of work to be done before i go to Florida on Thursday to see my mom. She is back in the hospital and probably going to extended care to fight MRSA on top of the bronchitis. I am also anxiously waiting to see if Rickki's re-herniated disc is gonna hold till her surgery at the end of the month. And since i still had a shred of energy left, Matt (not Matthew) was in a bike accident yesterday and i am waiting to find out if his jaw is broken, he needs oral surgery and/or he is in a coma from falling asleep with a concussion (okay, that last one is a little extreme; he probably just turned his phone off but i am stretched a bit thin at the moment). Not to mention in a case of supremely bad timing my beloved David is in town from Florida with Kaaren and the kids for Spring Break just as i have to unexpectedly fly to Florida. I haven't seen him in over a year and I am trying to find time to make it happen. People think i am ridiculous to think that bad things happen when i go on vacation, but HELLO! Anyhoo, to not totally buzz-kill your Monday here are some daffodils: and not just any old daffodils. These are miniature daffodils: How cute are those?


Melanie said...

Niki, so sorry to hear about your mom's illness (and of course, all the other struggles you mentioned!) We'll be sending good thoughts your way.

Rea said...

Still holding on here! Getting more anxious daily for the surgery Love the mini-daffys!