Sunday, April 26, 2009

vista spa

There is a spa on Deck 9. I passed by it to go to the gym. One night i decided that i really wanted to try a spa treatment because i never have (a reoccurring theme for this trip). I picked a hot stone massage. It was unbelievably AWESOME! It is like a regular full body massage except that there are volcanic stones heated in a crockpot-like thing that are placed on your body in various locations. The masseuse also massages some part of you with them directly. It was heavenly. In fact it was so good that the next day i got a mini-facial. And then i got a seaweed wrap. I wish my camera hadn't been in the locker cause i would have loved a picture of me painted with green exothermic mud and wrapped in foil like a Niki-burrito. It felt so, so good. Then it was time to visit the rainforest room where the stone lounge chairs are heated from the inside and there are 3 different steam rooms, each hotter and steamier than the next. Nothing like sweating out the impurities while you breathe in aromatherapy steam and sip ice cold cucumber water. sigh. This is my spa therapist, Patricia. She did all of my treatments and gave me these lovely flowers. Thank goodness i didn't discover the spa until late in the cruise; i could have bankrupted Douglas with treatments. I mean a girl could get used to this.

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