Thursday, April 23, 2009

Even bedtime is magical

I've never really understood the function of turn down service. Why would someone come into my room and make my bed in the morning just to come into my room 12 hours later to take off the bedspread? It kinda still befuddles me, but i will admit that after a week i really liked it. Every night the bed was ready when we returned from the evening's adventures. I knew from other people's cruise stories to expect maybe a creature or 2 made out of my jammies or towels. But i never expected how awesome and different they would be. Not only did we get something different every night, each creature came with reminder notes, the next day's personal navigator and chocolates. The first night was this guy who reminds me of Sir Hiss from one of my favorite Disney movies Robin Hood. Dontcha love how our chocolates are his eyes? Mr Elephant helpfully reminds us to turn our clocks back an hour cause they care not for "Daylight Savings Time" in the Caribbean. Towels and a blanket had to come together to make this incredible (and huge) peacock. I really didn't want to take him apart, but a girl needs her own blanket when neither bedmate is a good blanket sharer. After a day on underwater scooters it was nice to say the only shark i saw was a landshark in sunglasses. Holy Hanging Primates, Batman! This orangutan reminded us to move our clocks forward and then hung around the cabin on the closet door for the rest of the cruise. Is there a class i can take to learn this stuff? I have an affinity for bunnies; just ask my BFF. After our day at Castaway Cay we came home to this stingray. (notice the detail of how the chocolates have been turned so that the castles look like pupils that are looking straight at you) I think i would be more well rested and better organized if i had a personal assistant who turned down my bed every night and left me a surprise with treats and my schedule for the next day, don't you. Any volunteers? Hello?


Erin said...

I looooved the town animals from Disney...and that's also why a acute little duck found its way home with me = )

Niki said...

hey Erin -
1. town animals?
2. you stole a duck?

Erin said...

lol...TowL animals...and yes, a duck!